Using a Buyer Agent to help you


With so much information available online, why do you need to hire a real estate agent to help you buy your dream home?

The fact is that buying a property can be a convoluted process. It takes time to look at various houses until you find the one you fall in love with. Then, there is the complicated process of submitting your offer for the property.  It can be a tight race when you are in competition with other potential buyers.

A real estate agent representing you, the buyer, can provide you these 7 unbeatable benefits.

  1. More Access to Listings and Greater Convenience

    Using a buyer’s agent can help save you a lot of time and money. Your agent can steer you to desirable properties within your budget.  Real estate agents liaise with sellers’ agents and would know good properties in neighborhoods you are interested in.  The agent can coordinate with the sellers’ agents to arrange for you to view the property.Think of how much time and effort you can save with a buyer’s agent doing the research for you.

  2. Your Agent Can Negotiate the Sale Price.

    Many home buyers ask questions about how much to offer for a house.  A buyer’s agent will negotiate on your behalf.Depending on the property you want to buy, your buyer’s agent knows when a house is over-priced and can provide a detailed market analysis of similar properties to convince the seller to lower the price.  You can save thousands from your offer for an over-priced house.

  3. Your agent is your emotional filter.

    Buying a house can be an emotional experience.  Your agent can be your buffer and can keep you from making rash or emotional decisions.  While the buyer makes the ultimate decision, the buyer’s agent can help you weigh the pros and cons about potential purchases and remove emotion from the decision-making process.

  4. Buyer’s agents have access to critical services needed in a transaction.

    During a real estate transaction, professional services may be required such as a home inspector, a real estate attorney, or a mortgage originator.Experienced buyers’ agents know trustworthy professionals that can help finish the transaction in a timely and efficient manner.

  5. A buyer’s agent can help with the legal paperwork.

    Even experienced buyers need help navigating a real estate contract.  By hiring a buyer’s agent, you will have on your side a professional who is familiar with the ins and outs of real estate contracts.

  6. Expertise in Securing Home Financing.

    Real estate financing is complex but a buyer’s agent can help with evaluating and obtaining the best financing for your house.  Your agent can help you explore your best mortgage options and can refer you to good mortgage brokers.

  7. A buyer’s agent works for you free of charge.

    Okay, not exactly free of charge but you don’t pay your buyer’s agent a commission.  In effect, you have a qualified professional working for you full-time without having to pay professional fees.  That’s because the agent’s commission will come from the proceeds of the home sale, or more specifically, from the commission to be paid by the seller.

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